ART that is always moving. Always evocative.

"It's true that you only get one chance to make a first impression. But you have a million chances to make an indelible impression."

Max Sanzogni - President

Founded 15 years ago, Publikro London is now recognised as one of the leading contemporary art galleries and movie/films maker groups in Europe.

Since the opening of our first gallery in Italy in 2004, Publikro London has settled in the most prestigious locations in Milan – Venice – Turin . The group then pursued its growth with mini co-operations across Europe in locations such as Paris , Monaco , Venice, Portocervo, Cannes and more recently Dubaï in the Middle-East. Now our latest adventure being in North America with a temporary gallery in Miami at the Moore Building

At the head of the group, Mr M Sanzogni attaches great value to present a rich selection of internationally acclaimed and emerging contemporary artists from different artistic movements.

artistic Movements


We create the highest level on programs within like cultural happening working with our loyal team of consultants. We ideate develop produce and execute our problems and project from inception to completion.


Some events become a must in nightlife and entertainment with GOOD VIBES ONLY initiatives

Artistic Movements

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